Dona€™t mess with a well-loved brand and graphics cherished at $4 billion

Dona€™t mess with a well-loved brand and graphics cherished at $4 billion

The story closes with space ditching their brand new logo, and time for their unique older any. Space president Marka Hansen was fired by execs days following unsuccessful redesign episode. Moral associated with tale? Once the old adage claims, in the event it is not broke, don’t remedy it!

2. Kraft

Revolutionary changes in custom logo always mean that some thing was completely wrong using organization. Every thing regarding the brand has been changed. From a€?KRAFT’ it turned a€?kraft food’. From an all caps, strong font to lightweight hats in thinner, sans-serif typography. A tagline a€?make today tasty’ has become connected to the new logo. Even more styles tend to be put, as opposed to the specific purple and blue.

Let’s handle the great components initially. the fresh Kraft logo design try sleek, soft plus feminine. It seems fresher, possibly a move parallel for their ily. The existing font ended up being blocky, heavy and bold. Yes, Kraft seems to have gone best direction. But they should have chosen to take cues off their brands your significant changing of a logo can ruin the brand’s character. It seems like the old Kraft together with new Kraft food is many different companies with totally different services and products offered.

3. MasterCard

MasterCard has reworked the business identification, modifying the logo design and identity. It is now MasterCard in the world, don’t MasterCard Global. The familiar red and yellow interlocking groups tend to be changed by a fluid, swirly, multi-layer logo design. The reason for the repositioning should program the general public her objective to expand to newer areas globally. The two circles never interlock because of the pubs, but are linked by a third ring contributed by both groups.

Im 50-50 in regards to the logo design, but I’m seeing the whole lot much more half-empty than half-full. The logo design looks modern and latest but there’s way too much happeninga€“too many different shades, a lot of swirls. Read more